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full guidance

An in-depth look into your energy and life situations. This reading will empower you with perspective, insight, and tools for moving forward in a balanced way. Readings help you identify the specific soul lessons and themes you are working through. They also provide assistance in understanding what may be hindering growth. Ultimately, I am reading your own highest intuitive wisdom and bringing it to your consciousness. I believe every individual holds their own best counsel within. Let's access yours!

FULL 90min Session             $111

30 MINUTE MINI READING          $69



(All sessions available in-person or distance. *Payments can be made in installments for any session if necessary. *If you are in Canada, you can pay me in CAD$ with an etransfer or PayPal to avoid the currency conversion.)


totem medicine

Humans have always been intimately connected to the animal realm through spirit, symbol, and psychic relationships. Totem Medicine readings illuminate which power animals are currently trying to instruct you as you navigate your various life situations. The symbol and wisdom of each animal is unique. In this beautiful and imagery rich session, we will communicate meaningfully with these energies so you can receive their perspective, teachings, and assistance in your life.

*My family background is Cherokee and Irish. Since early childhood, I have been very lucky to have a strong communication/connection with Animal Medicine.  

FULL 90mins Session            $111

30 MINUTE MINI READING          $69


(All sessions available in-person or distance. *Payments can be made in installments for any session if necessary. *If you are in Canada, you can pay me in CAD$ with an etransfer or PayPal to avoid the currency conversion.)

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Spiritual Response therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy educates and shifts the subconscious, the soul, and the subtle energy body to facilitate enduring positive change in your life. Each of us is a soul on a journey, as a human, towards greater love, connection, and wisdom. Our relationships and circumstances are a powerful reflection of our relationship with our self. When we become aware of what is blocking us subconsciously, we are empowered to change it on the conscious level and enjoy better relationships and more
freedom. This powerful 2 hour session helps you understand and disassemble your blocks and negative patterns so you can enjoy more harmony in your life.

FULL 120min SRT SESSION       $130


(All sessions available in-person or distance. *Payments can be made in installments for any session if necessary. *If you are in Canada, you can pay me in CAD$ with an etransfer or PayPal to avoid the currency conversion.)

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High Sense Perception guiding certification

11 Week Intuitive Guide Development (Online Classroom)

$660 (payment plans available) 

Each one of us is innately gifted with profound intuitive ability. When we take the time to apply structured learning, patience, and practice, we can certainly become proficient in the beautiful language of psychic sensing. Learn to listen, read, and engage with your intuitive skills through this in-depth, fun, safe and nurturing program. Together we will connect your psychic sight and communication abilities so you can more deeply interact with the world around you! Gain a whole new language and put it to use! An excellent beginner course or skills refresher to open your mind, heart, and spirit! We will meet live on skype once a week for interactive class time. Additionally, we shall dive into brilliant reads, fascinating videos, writing, and sensing exercises to develop your inner oracle. Upon completion of this course, you will be capable of conducting accurate intuitive readings of people and situations. You will gain a greater sense of your own spiritual language, personal power, and connection with Source Energy. Time commitment of 3-4 hours per week. This is a deliciously fun and exciting dive into your deeper Self.





FIRE GODDESSES: shaking what your mamma gave ya

AIR GODDESSES: cerebral erotica

EARTH GODDESSES: rock the skin suit

WATER GODDESSES: liquid moves 

WRITING RAP SONGS FOR THE UNIVERSE: your ideas are not ridiculous

MINDFULNESS BABES: slowing down the crazy train

MORE COMPLEX RHYTHYMS: when shit goes very wrong...and right


NOT YOUR MARTYR: You didn't come here to suffer (bullshit narratives and guilt)

BE ON THE FENCE: you don't need to know right now (timing is your wingwoman)


FREAKING OUT? PLEASE TAKE A NAP: interrupting bad energy  




MODERN MYTHOLOGY: not your god (dess)



Welcome to this exciting and supportive place! I hope you find wild inspiration, honest connection, enriching questions to ponder, and savvy soul affirmation here! I believe that each of us is innately gifted with strong intuitive capabilities and remarkable inner wisdom. The enlivening sessions and courses I provide will ignite your own higher knowing, creativity, and sense of direction. Let's stretch and strengthen those most capable wings of yours! I LOVE this work! 

I have twenty years of experience in crisis intervention, intuitive counseling, psychic skill development, symbolic divination work, and providing non-judgemental support to those in distress. I have been actively developing my psychic senses and symbolic reading abilities since my teenage years, but the connection to this work has been strongly present since I was a young child. I began with learning Reiki, teaching yoga, reading oracle cards and interpreting dreams for friends and clients in the late 1990's/early 2000's. I began to travel the world studying meditation techniques, energy therapy, yoga, symbolic art, and listening to stories of every kind. This was a time of struggle, magic, connection, alienation, and incredible serendipity! As I worked with clients and fumbled through my own lessons, I found a world full of beauty, resilience, vulnerability, paradox, pain, and complex human truths about love. My formal counseling studies also began during this time and evolved into years of working as an ABA therapist (Australia), as counselor in a crisis center (Canada), counseling in a women's health clinic (USA), and as an art counselor in a women's halfway house (Canada). This led to pursuing more education and experience as an Intuitive Counselor (certified by the World Metaphysical Association) and training in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). The symbolic language of Spirit has illuminated all of my studies and session work experience. I see circumstances of clients as vibrantly illustrated medicine stories to be explored together. I believe that every situation or 'story' we find ourselves in offers rich opportunity for higher learning and increased wellness, should we decide to look closely enough and respond wisely. This is where the magic is! We are living breathing medicine stories! We are surrounded by symbols, messages, divine muses, and surprising catalysts that are trying to help us learn to let go of our self conscious  bullshit and connect more meaningfully to the extraordinary animate world we are journeying through!

Alongside guidance work, creating visual art has been a major focus in my life. I use a variety of 2D/3D mediums and weld large steel sculptures to further explore symbols, mythology and themes of Spirit energy. I went to Alberta College of Art + Design in my mid 30's (I have never had so much fun and highly recommend art school for adults!!). To bring all this art, enthusiasm, and Spirit work down to earth I play outside in mamma nature every chance I get. Rock climbing, mountain biking and other wilderness sports keep me aware of the laws of the physical world...and let me feel like an adventurous kid! I strongly believe that doing elevated vibrational work successfully requires taking excellent care of the physical body and mind...we are meant to enjoy being in these gorgeous human skin suits!


At the heart of this, know that it is one of the great pleasures of my life to encourage you on your journey.




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