September Flowers: the twilight hindsight of goodbye

Flowers Leaving

A Poem by Gretchen Hickmott

Isn’t it just

elongation lines as petals

begin to give in

agreeing to stop

holding themselves upright

a story folding downwards

in long diagonal descents

quietly now

geometric poetics

each subtle fold in

disappearing origami hush

Isn’t it just

whisper lines of soft exhalation

a ribcage of flowers and sound


spaces conversations once filled

every photosynthetic beat

Maps of bloomed existence

closing themselves slowly

intricately, almost secretly

fading blush

Isn’t it just

undeniable lines drawn

blossoms perfectly leaving

transfixed, see them

infinitely worthy

exiting like twilight

quiet articulate sincerity

immune and intoxicating

as they curtsey

unbecoming all things

known, yours, willing

Sept 1 2018

If autumn has brought some of your story lines finally to a close, here is a poem for you.

The season turns and shows us what we have in our hands and our hearts after all the energy of the year. It is a very honest season in this way. There is an art to both, letting go and…not quite being ready to surrender that which has been so viscerally yours. They both have integrity and truth.

Isn’t it just…so human to finally see things in all their sumptuous splendor as they unbecoming what they were, undeniably and irreversibly. Rupture is powerful stuff. This year deeply broke my heart and I have found grief to be a funny thing. It moves and changes and circles back around itself. It becomes fiery, motivating, violent, hilarious, sweet, rich, debilitating, And useful. If you are saying a long goodbye to some grief still with you, know you are beautiful and right on time, exactly where you are.